What we do

Investment in stressed or distressed businesses

Operating throughout the UK, across numerous business sectors, Revival Solutions provides turnaround and investment capital to SMEs that have an immediate funding need or require financial / operational restructuring. Investments are made either through direct financing, third party financing, or a combination of both. We recognise the need to move swiftly in business critical situations and, by working with trusted financiers, we are able to make prompt decisions that allow transactions to be carried out in short timeframes.

We typically invest in situations with a debt / equity requirement of between £50,000 and £2.5m, but will consider opportunities with larger commitments when a strong, tangible asset base is present (e.g. plant and machinery, property, stock etc)

We’ll always seek to maintain the existing management team and work with incumbent shareholders to provide a stable platform where management are not only supported, but also incentivised to maximise shareholder wealth.

Debt acquisition and refinancing

Revival Solutions Group has experience in buying and refinancing distressed debt belonging to asset based lenders, clearing banks, funds and private investors seeking an exit.

We take a straightforward approach to acquiring debt. There are no time-consuming credit committees and, by concentrating only on critical due diligence, we can act quickly.

Through our long standing and strong relationships with reputable lenders, we have access to larger refinancing lines if required.

Alternative financing

Revival Solutions can support businesses in assessing and raising innovative business finance solutions including; invoice financing (invoice factoring / invoice discounting), spot invoice financing and asset based lending across a broad range of industries.

Working capital improvements

Revival Solutions can help to identify and implement working capital and cash flow solutions. This includes facilitating HMRC engagement in relation to “Time-To-Pay” (TTP) arrangements, as well as providing short term working capital facilities or access to credit.

Business support in decision-making and solutions

At some point, every business owner and/or manager will experience operational and financial challenges outside of their control or skill set. Revival Solutions Group can provide specialist expertise, honed through dealing with all types of stakeholders in stressed or distressed situations, working alongside management to help generate solutions and see through their implementation.

Let’s find a solution together